Sunday, March 26, 2017

HipBar – India’s newest Mobile Wallet - For your nocturnal thrills, not your electricity bills

          I was just browsing through this Reserve Bank of India URL @  and this name caught my attention:-

“Hip Bar Private Limited”.

          Curious, I Googled ‘HipBar’, and got these results

This innovation can be directly attributed to Government of India’s thrust on Safe Digital Transactions. With digitisation picking up, innovators are looking forward to rollout specialised Mobile Wallets.  HipBar Mobile Wallet is an early entrant in this space.

          HipBar has gone through the whole process to become a semi-closed Pre-Paid Wallet and be governed by the Payments & Settlements Act of 2007

          Semi-Closed  PrePaid Instruments facilitate CashLess transactions amongst merchants part of the closed loop. These instruments do not permit cash withdrawal or redemption.

          As per the description on HipBar website, “HipBar is a mobile wallet exclusive for drinks (We don't like using the 'B' word). Explore an assortment of drinks and experiences from your favourite watering holes and liquor stores in the city. Pre-pay for the drinks (at special rates) through the app and stock 'em in your very own Bar On The Cloud™. Happy Stocking !”

Operating concept::

01)  HipBar invites Watering Holes management to sign-up for HipBar Wallet and display their merchandise.

02) HipBar also invites general public to download HipBar App and reserve the merchandise displayed by the participating merchants.

03) Registered consumers of HipBar can redeem their purchases as and when they visit the respective Watering Holes.

04) No, door delivery of Drinks is not on the immediate agenda, as door delivery of drinks is not yet legally permitted.

HipBar has just started and is gaining traction day-by-day.

          The HipBar App is attracting mixed reviews. The common thread amongst the reviews is on the limited choice!!

          The concept of HipBar was formally unveiled in October 2015 by Prasanna Natarajan, founder of Hipbar .

          Read this article on HipBar @


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