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UPI – Standardisation of Transaction Limits


UPI – Standardisation of Transaction Limits

NPCI – UPI Team vide Circular dt 24th September 2021 announced standardization of UPI Transaction limits.

            The circular is addressed to UPI Member Banks, UPI PSPs, and UPI Third Party Application Providers.

            The Go-Live date is 31st October 2021. This means from 1st November 2021; UPI end-users will experience the same kind of limits across all UPI Apps.

            There are different limits for:


P2P/ P2M


Non-Verified Offline


P2P/ P2M



P2M Verified Specified Categories (OC 82, OC 96)


The limits for Category 01 transactions is Rs2,000/-

The limits for Category 02 transactions is Rs1,00,000/-

The limits for Category 03 transactions is Rs2,00,000/-

Read more about the limits at cashfree blog @


Disclaimer: These are my personal views only. The bottom line is Safe ePayments. Nothing more – Nothing less.



Sunday, September 12, 2021

Slice Super Card or Uni 1/3rd Card – Who will give me these 7 features?

 Slice Super Card or Uni 1/3rd Card – Who will give me these 7 features?

Basic Assumption: Both Slice Super Card and UNI card are prepaid cards with a credit limit.

Technically they are not Cred Cards, but function as credit cards.

I am looking forward to the below 7 features, to enhance my user experience.

NF1) Let us the user decide if he/she want a lower limit than the arrived limit

DE1) Say, the underwriting team of “SLICE SUPER CARD” / Uni decides to grant me a limit of RS5,55,555/-. I am not comfortable with such a high limit and would like to start off with a limit of Rs1,11,111/- only. The modification option should be directly available in the App itself. This way I will not be tempted to overspend and fall in a debt trap.

Of course, this may be a bad business decision for “SLICE SUPER CARD” / Uni, but is customer friendly.

NF2) Increase the repayment channels. Please engage with CRED and let users pay their billed amounts via CRED. Repayment directly from the APP itself - UPI or NEFT or IMPS

DE2) The repayment to the “SLICE SUPER CARD” / UNI prepaid cards are a major pain point. As the Card BIN is of Prepaid card, many payment channels do not support the same. As the user base increases, the complaints will amplify across social media.

“SLICE SUPER CARD” repayment period is 3 days from the billing date. Hence, it becomes much more important for a seamless repayment experience.

Hopefully, this will be sorted out soon.


NF3) Copy of Report shared to Credit Bureaus

DE3) As these are prepaid cards, not sure as to what will be reported to Credit Bureaus i.e sanctioned loan amount or Overdue amount (how will overdue amount be calculated) or the billed amount. Hence, for transparency it will be great if “SLICE SUPER CARD” / UNI share the credit reporting of the card holder as and when submitted.   


NF4) Add on Cards by carving limits

DE4) I have a sanctioned limit of 6 digits, I would like to carve 4 digits out of the same, and stand guarantee to my 18years + ward. This way my ward will learn the joy of digital transactions. “SLICE SUPER CARD” / UNI can have a new business stream. Also, my ward will be able to build a decent credit score.


NF5) BBPS option directly on the APP

DE5) Bill Payment is a major recurring activity in individual’s life. It will be helpful if the BBPS payment is directly integrated into the APP.  This will encourage “SLICE SUPER CARD” / UNI card holders to pay their BBPS Bills via their “SLICE SUPER CARD” / UNI cards only, instead of doing transactions from other APPS


NF6) Carryover instalments with the minimum interest charges

DE6) Transaction Date 25/06/2021 INR12,000/- , card holder chooses 1/3rd as per the below billing dates

Billing Date A) 01/07/2021 – Instalment 1 of INR4,000/-

Billing Date B) 06/08/2021 - Instalment 2 of INR4,000/-

Billing Date C) 11/09/2021 - Instalment 3 of INR4,000/-

Say, card holder wants to postpone Instalment 2 of INR4,000/-

There should be an option to rollover the same, with the additional cost informed upfront.

Of course, all card holders may not be eligible for the rollover option.



NF7) Option to split last transactions made on 1 prior billing cycle – EXPLAIN IN DETIAL, Restore the limit, reversal of 1% cashback

DE7) EG: Billing Date A) 01/07/2021,

Billing Date B) 06/08/2021

Billing Date C) 11/09/2021

Card Holder makes a transaction of INR10,000/- on 10/07/2021 and prefers to pay in full, instead of the 1/3rd option.

He / She may be given the option to convert the INR10,000/- transaction into a 1/3rd transaction up to 11/09/2021 billing date


If you want any new feature, please write to    or,

            If the same is feasible, “SLICE SUPER CARD” or UNI Management team may make it live.            

            Unless, you try, you cannot predict the outcome.

            So, go ahead,

UNI Contact Details:, 080 – 68216821

“SLICE SUPER CARD” Contact Details: +91-8047096430,



Disclaimer: These are my personal views only. The bottom line is Safe ePayments - Nothing more, Nothing Less


Sunday, September 5, 2021

PhonePe Pulse – Please add these 7 features

 PhonePe Pulse – Please add these 7 features


          PhonePe Pulse is slowly gaining a dedicated following amongst digital transaction enthusiasts

The first edition of PhonePe Pulse released on 2nd September 2021 mentions interesting facts about digital transactions across India.

          The output consists of PhonePe user’s interaction on PhonePe App.

          PhonePe has invited feedback / suggestion for the future episodes of PhonePe Pulse @

          The more feedback is received by PhonePe Pulse team, the more interesting will future editions be.

          So, go ahead, and share your feedback / suggestions with PhonePe Pulse Team.

PPF1) Partner State – There are 28 states and 8 Union Territories = 36 i.e 1 each for 3 years. PHONEPE PULSE can choose one partner state/ union territory every month dedicating at least 20% of its monthly coverage

PPF2) Monthly Theme – PHONEPE PULSE landing page displays 5 categories i.e

  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Merchant payments
  • Recharges & Bill Payments
  • Financial Services
  • Others

I am taking the liberty of bifurcating Recharges and Bill Payments.

This means total 6 categories

Every month the PHONEPE PULSE edition to choose 1 category and dedicate at least 20% of its monthly coverage

This way each category will be in focus twice in a year


PPF3) Live Counter of eTransactions across PhonePe App – A great example is Government’s etaal (Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer) @

This Live Counter is a great way to attract eyeballs to PHONEPE PULSE interactive website.

This way Digital Transaction enthusiasts need not for the next edition of PHONEPE PULSE. As more and more internet users start interacting with PHONEPE PULSE, customization can be provided to a select set of visitors.  

PPF4) Separate Categories for Recharges and Bill Payments – Recharges and Bill Payments are completely different. It will be great if the recharges and bill payments are segregated. Each is a unique category and deserves its place under the sun. A sub-category can be BBPS and Non-BBPS. This I will explain in the near future.

Recharges – Bifurcation apart from the standard i.e State / District / Pincode

a)    Payment Mode

b)    Telecom Operator  

c)    Average Recharge

d)    Time Slots i.e 6am to 12 noon and so on

e)    Recharge for own number / other numbers

PPF5) Multi-Lingual – Page 27 of the 1st edition of PHONEPE PULSE mentions about "122 major languages and 234 identifiable mother tongues". So, it would be great if the PHONEPE PULSE site is multi-lingual both our local languages as well as foreign languages.

This will be helpful for digital enthusiasts residing in Tier III to Tier VI cities across the world to explore the Magic of Safe Payments in India.

PPF6) Short Interviews of Unique users –


Going where the road takes him - 75 petrol pumps - A PhonePe user transacted at a whopping 75 petrol pumps, across 13 states in 2020!

Ever essential groceries! -350+ payments - A grocery store in Ahmedabad, accepted 10,000+ digital payments in May '21 - over 350 payments a day!


What motivated the PhonePe user to transact at over 75 petrol pumps via the PhonePe App!!!

What is the next target of the Ahmedabad Grocery Stores – Over 500 digital transactions per day?

What motivated the first merchant in a village/ town with less than 3,000 /5,000 population to accept payments via PhonePe App?


PPF7) Success / Failure rates, Transactions day wise, hour wise –

A)   UPI __ Success / Failure rate in a day, during a particular time slot, categories i.e P2P, P2M, Auto pay etc

B)   Cards __ Success / Failure rate in a day, during a particular time slot,

C)    Wallets __ Success / Failure rate in a day, during a particular time slot,


The next set of 7 will be released soon.



PhonePe launches the "Pulse" of Digital Payments, India's first interactive geospatial website @


PhonePe opens transactional data firehose @




Friday, July 23, 2021

UPI PrePaid Voucher – Who will be the first Issuer?

UPI PrePaid Voucher – Who will be the first Issuer?


            NPICI UPI Team vide announced a new Digital Payment Channel in our country. This digital payment channel rides on the successful UPI Platform.

Two broad categories of UPI PrePaid Voucher are envisaged

Category 01) P2P i.e Person to Person

Category 02) B2C i.e Business to Consumer

As of now only the B2C process is released. The P2P process will follow at a later date

UPI PrePaid Voucher beneficiary need not have a bank account or be a UPI user. This is the most unique feature of the whole channel.

Immediate Use Case –

Future use cases, with focus on Covid19 vaccination are mentioned below

            8 Banks are Live as Issuers on UPI PrePaid Voucher platform. The Banks are

01)  Axis Bank

02)  Bank of Baroda

03)  Canara Bank

04)  HDFC Bank

05)  ICICI Bank

06)  Indusind Bank

07)  Punjab National Bank

08)  State Bank of India

5 entities are Live as Acquirers on UPI PrePaid Voucher platform. The Acquiring Entity / Apps are

01)  Axis Bank – Bharat Pe

02)  BOB – BHIM Baroda Merchant Pay

03)  HDFC Bank – HDFC Business App

04)  Punjab National Bank – PNB Merchant Pay

05)  SBI – SBI Yono Merchant

As of now, the UPI PrePaid Voucher can be redeemed only on the above UPI Apps. In the near future, more Apps may acquire UP transactions.


Visualization of process flow at the Acquiring Merchant

01)  Holder of the UPI Prepaid voucher approaches the merchant buys the services/goods and informs the merchant that he/she will pay via UPI Prepaid voucher

a)       If payment via UP QR Code – Buyer shows the UP QR Code on his/her smartphone. Merchant scans the QR Code via the UPI PrePaid Voucher acquiring App

ai) In the background, the transaction flows to NPCI, then to Issuing bank, if all well, authentication takes place and the UPI PrePaid Voucher amount moves from the UP to the merchant account

aii) This is a completely digital process, with minimal human intervention


b)      If payment via UPI PrePaid Voucher SMS String - Buyer shows the SMS String to the merchant. Merchant inputs the SMS String on the UPI PrePaid Voucher acquiring app.

bi) In the background, the transaction flows to NPCI, then to Issuing bank, if all well, authentication takes place and the UPI PrePaid Voucher amount moves from the UP to the merchant account

bii) This is a completely digital process, with minimal human intervention

The actual process flow will be known once UPI PrePaid Voucher redemptions start taking place

Apart from NPCI, there are 5 entities part of the UPI PrePaid Voucher process cycle

Issuer Bank (Issuer): Bank who shall initiate a request to create UP on UPI

Sponsor: A Corporate, Central / State Government Department, Business customer of the bank who 

PV (Prepaid) Voucher Beneficiary: The person to whom the UPI PrePaid Voucher is issued. A PV beneficiary may not be a UPI user or bank account  holder.

Designated Merchants: These are specific voucher acceptance points where vouchers can be redeemed / used.

Acquiring Bank: These are banks that provide facility/capability to designated merchants to accept UPI Prepaid voucher (String/QR) for redemption.


Future use cases based on Covid19 Vaccination

01)  Social Service organizations like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Vasavi Club etc in an attempt to encourage vaccination may offer UP say ranging from INR100/- to INR250/- to the vaccinated citizens, even though, citizens may get themselves vaccinated at Government centers.

As on date, Covid19 vaccines at Government Centres are free of cost.

The amount may vary, the amount mentioned here is just an example.

02)  Social service organizations, corporates or any other interested organization can directly sponsor Covid19 vaccines for a set of beneficiaries at private centers.


Future use cases:

01)  Scholarships

02)  Incentives

03)  Tax benefits vouchers

04)  Donations

05)  Subsidies

Read the complete UP NPCI circular @

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions only. The bottom line is Mission #LessCashNotCashLess. Nothing more – Nothing less.


Sunday, July 4, 2021

Will Reliance Jio activate BBPS for repayment of its Emergency Data Loan?


Will Reliance Jio activate BBPS for repayment of its Emergency Data Loan?

Reserve Bank of India vide Notification dt.June 14th, 2021  opened up BBPS (Bharat Bill Payments System) for  Mobile Prepaid recharges.

Under the mobile prepaid facility, users pay in advance to the Mobile company to avail its services.

A number of prepaid plans are offered by mobile companies, with plan validity ranging from 1 day to 365 days

There are a number of prepaid combos too i.e Data, Voice, Voice + Data etc

As the validity plans and combos are dynamic, users are advised to visit their mobile provider recharge points for an informed decision.


Benefits of Reliance Jio offering BBPS option to its ‘Emergency Data Loan’ customers

01)  Reliance Jio can request friends/family members to clear the ‘Emergency Data Loan’

02)  Reduced TAT in the collection of the EDL outstanding’s

03)  The quicker the repayment, the more possibilities of Reliance Jio users taking fresh ‘Emergency Data Loan’

04)  Increase customer stickiness via process convenience

05)  User need not search for easy ‘Emergency Data Loan’ repayment options

06)  ‘Emergency Data Loan’ can be availed by users who are not comfortable with digital payment options

07)  Low integration costs for Reliance Jio collection team.

08)  Positive feedback of Industry’s first usage case for BBPS Pre- Paid Recharge category


Proposed process:

Reliance Jio onboards BBPS for its prepaid recharges and ‘Emergency Data Loan’ payment

‘Emergency Data Loan’ Payment

For every ‘Emergency Data Loan’ availed, a BBPS invoice is created with BBPS Invoice Number being the unique identifier

Jio user or his/her representative visits any BBPS outlet - Physical or Digital, chooses

Mobile Prepaid                       Reliance Jio                 Inputs Reliance Jio Number followed by Reliance Jio ‘Emergency Data Loan’ Invoice Number.

The outstanding amount pops up and the user completes the payment

Alternatively, a Unique repayment BBPS QR Code is generated for each ‘Emergency Data Loan’ and repayment made by scanning on the same.

BBPS is operated by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), which offers an interoperable platform for recurring bill payments.


Who will bear the BBPS charges? Reliance Jio or the end customer




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