Friday, February 5, 2016

The Aadhaar Digital Account-On the way

          By now majority of Indians are familiar with Aadhaar. Aadhaar has begun to permeate our daily life. In a typical day, we hear the word ‘Aadhaar’, at least once. The context may be financial or non-financial.
          As more and more sectors discover the benefits Aadhaar can provide to their daily routine, the word Aadhaar will be heard more and more.
          Not only in the Government sector but in the private sector numerous discussions are taking place on the immense possibilities of Aadhaar.
          In the next couple of years, Aadhaar Number Holders in India will be able to use Aadhaar for a number of non-financial authentication services.

Q: What is Aadhaar authentication?
Ans:Aadhaar authentication is the process wherein Aadhaar number, along with other attributes (demographic and/or biometrics and/or OTP) is submitted to UIDAI’s Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) for verification; the CIDR verifies whether the data submitted matches the data available in CIDR and responds with a “yes/no”. No personal identity information is returned as part of the response.
Q: When do I need to authenticate?
Ans: Various service providers, such as PDS, NREGA, banks, are expected to link Aadhaar authentication to their services. Residents would need to authenticate either at the time of subscribing to the service or at the time of availing service delivery, as required by the service providers. This would benefit the residents as no one else can avail the benefits meant for a particular resident.
          Now, the most interesting part:::

Q: Is there a mechanism to notify the residents when an authentication occurs against their Aadhaar number?
Ans: UIDAI has an sms and email based notification mechanism. Through this mechanism, every time CIDR receives an authentication request against an Aadhaar number, a notification will be sent to the registered mobile / email address.
UIDAI will also provide a facility wherein residents can request the history of authentication requests for a specified period of time
Source: UIDAI Website
          The ANH need not be present at the authentication site, if the Biometric authentication method is not being used.
          The ANH may or may need not be present at the authentication site, if the OTP authentication method is being used. This is because the OTP will flow to the registered mobile number of the ANH and the mobile can be held by a non ANH too.
          The ANH need not be present at the authentication site, if the demographic authentication method is being used.
          Hence the need to quickly open up Aadhaar Digital Accounts. The ANHs need to have a record of all authentication requests on their Aadhaar Number. This ADA will act as an important verification mechanism in case of any disputes at a later date.
          It is expected that Aadhaar authentication services will be enabled only to registered agencies.       
Outline of ADA:-
01)  The Login ID would the Aadhaar Number itself.
02) Password can be static or dynamic. Static means the ANH will key in every time with his/her registered password. Dynamic means an OTP to the ANHs registered mobile in CIRD. For additional security the combination of static and dynamic too can be implemented.
03) All the authentications requests whether self-initiated or third-party initiated will be available.
04) The following data to be visible as part of the Authentication request:
A)   Mode
B)    Time
C)    Location
D)   Requestor
E)    Any other details as decided
05)  Print Option
06)  No Save option to external media


Saturday, January 23, 2016

NPCI Immediate Payment Service(IMPS) transactions zoom to 10 crores per month by November 2016

              51 Banks, 50 RRBs/DCBs/UCBs and 13 PPIs have opened their transaction channel on NPCI_IMPS Remittance service to encourage Indians to transfer their money at the ‘Speed of Light’.

              NPCI_IMPS remittance service works round the clock, all the 365 days a year, and never goes to sleep.

              During December 2015, Indians have moved INR15,910 crores through NPCI_IMPS digital channel via 2.42 crore transactions.

              During this calendar year, transactions are expected to cross 10 crores by November 2016.

              Unbelievable!! Check the above table

              11 indicators to zoom up volumes 14% month on month

01)   Consecutive banks holidays on 2nd and 4th Saturdays and all Sundays.

02)   Banks opening up NPCI_IMPS channel through bank branches mode.

03)   Increase in the threshold limit from INR2lacs to INR5lacs.

04)   Separate transaction advice for faster reconciliation both at sender and receiver end.

05)   Government Departments signing up to remit Government payments through NPCI_IMPS channel.

06)   Cross border remittance companies moving all their transactions to the NPCI_IMPS channel.

07)   168 Banks including Public/Private/RRB/DCB/UCB are on NEFT platform. This means the respective banks have an IFS Code to participate in Electronic Transactions Channel. This in turns means another 67 banks can join the NPCI_IMPS channel in the near future.

08)   Reserve Bank of India has authorised 40+ Prepaid Paid Instruments issuers. Out of this, only 13 have joined NPCI_IMPS. This means the remaining 27+ PPIs can join NPCI_IMPS channel in the near future.

09)   WLA players have set up over 11,000 ATMs all over India. These ATMs can be enabled for NPCI_IMPS transactions.

10)   Top 5 eCommerce companies shifting their refunds to NPCI_IMPS channel.

11)   Transport companies adopting NPCI_IMPS channels to transfer benefits to their associates.

What will you do to promote NPCI_IMPS?

NPCI_IMPS Twitter Page
NPCI_IMPS Facebook Page

The NPCI_IMPS FAQ page has all the details to assist in Safe IMPS transactions.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spectacular failure of ePayments at the Annual Flower Festival at Lalbagh, Bengaluru

          Every year two editions of the National Flower festival are held at Lalbagh, Bengaluru.
          As on date, over 202 editions of the flower show have been held in the park place.
          Every edition has its own charm and unique features.
          The most unique feature of the previous two editions i.e January 2015 and August 2015 edition was the availability of the entrance tickets through online mode.
          However, this facility is not available in the latest edition i.e 203rd edition. However, this does not diminish the matchless experience of the Lalbagh Flower Show.

          13 differentiators of the 203rd edition of the Annual Republic Day flower show

01)  Limited edition viewing experience. No theme is ever repeated. Every edition has a new theme. The preparations for the next edition commence as soon as the current edition is over.

02) Participants from expected Goa, Maharashtra and several from the North East have been invited to showcase their native flowers.

03)  It will mark the 150th birth anniversary of Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel and the birth centenary of Dr. M.H. Marigowda, both renowned horticulturists.

04) The show will commemorate German botanist Gustav Krumbiegel, for his contributions to Lalbagh.

05) The 11-day show entails a cost Rs.1.2 crore and the visitors will get to see 70 species of blooms in 2 lakh potted varieties.

06) One of the major highlight’s are the 9 lakh saplings, planted three months ago to exactly bloom for the exhibition.

07) Twenty-five varieties would occupy 10,000 sq feet at different vantage points including foothill of Kempegowda towers, director’s campus, DHO Lawn, Tree Fossil area, Java Fig area, from the standard Glass House and Band Stand.

08) 6 lacs citizens are expected to throng Republic Day National Flower Festival at Lalbagh, Bengaluru

09) The main attraction in this year’s edition will be a replica of German botanist Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel’s house in Germany, which will be made out of five lakh flowers of around 50 varieties. The replica will cover an about 600 square feet and will mark the 150th birth anniversary of the botanist.
10)  Another attraction is the four stalls from Germany at the show.

11)  To encourage visitors to spend more time in Lalbagh, the show will also showcase different floral arrangements including beds and domes by artistes from across the country.

12)  Visitors will be able to visit more 100 stalls showcasing different aspects of horticulture.

13)  The average spend by visitors will be INR300/- within Lalbagh. This translates into INR 15crores, a reasonable sum for migration from ‘Cash’, to ‘LessCash’.

About Mysore Horticultural Society: -
The Mysore Horticulture Society, Lalbagh, Bengaluru, was established in the year 1912 by Sri G. H. Krumbiegel, then Superintendent of Lalbagh Gardens, involving the elites of Bangaluru City and Horticulture enthusiasts of the erstwhile Karnataka.
The Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society jointly conducts two Horticultural shows every year. Earlier, the shows were called “Summer Show” and “Winter Show”. However, since 1951, these shows are being synchronized with Republic Day and Independence Day. Since 1912, 202 Flower Shows have been organized and January 2016 show is the 203rd  Flower Show.

Where: Lalbagh, BENGALURU

Opening Date: 16/01/2016

Closing date: 26/01/2016

Timings: 9 am to 6pm

Entrance Fees: Weekdays – INR50/-, Sundays and public holidays – INR60/-. No changes for school children. NO Entrance Fees for school children on January 19 and 26

Parking: No vehicles except school buses will be allowed inside Lalbagh. Car parking will be at Shantinagar Bus Stand, the BBMP car park on JC Road, for two-wheelers at Al-Ameen College and HOPCOMS premises near Double Road Gate. Battery operated vans will criss-cross Lalbagh.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#2MillionIMPS – The 5 am Club

          The warm up challenge round for #2MillionIMPS is just 2 days away.   

         Today’s inspirational tips are based on Robin Sharma’s ‘5 am club’ simple 60 minute morning rituals.

Please drop in at the Event Page. In case you require reminders leave a comment, and I will remind you on 25/12/2015

          The only focus is #2MillionIMPS on 25/12/2015-Nothing More, Nothing Less

#1. Know Your Cause

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

Draft Framework on Electronic Payments and Receipts for Government Departments:-
Apex Committee on Digital India under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary has mandated a targeted approach to implement electronic payments and receipts across all Government Ministries and Departments.
In this regard, DeitY has prepared this framework, intended for all central and state ministries, departments and government agencies for expeditiously implementing appropriate mechanism to enable electronic payments and receipts.
The objective of this framework is to provide guidelines for departments to:
  • Assess various services involving payments and receipts by types of services and level of electronic payment enablement
  • Provide actionable instructions for universal adoption of electronic payment modes for each type of service through various payment channels.
  • Provide information on engagement with various payment service providers.
  • Provide details of the generic portal that DeitY is launching to host a repository of forms of departments for availing services with payment integration.


#2. Relate to Your Base.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

“With unique feature of instant confirmation and its availability on weekends and holidays, IMPS became consumers’ first choice for doing financial transactions across the country. With introduction of IMPS for Eko Wallets, Eko has broadened the base for wallet usage and will increase business by leveraging IMPS,”  said A. P. Hota, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

#3. Rise to Original.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

Mobile payments
NPCI is working on upgrading and simplifying the existing IMPS system, which is likely to take shape by January.
"In IMPS you can send money instantaneously. But suppose one would like to collect money instantaneously. That would be possible in the new system. We have also tried to dissociate authentication and identity verification. Registration formalities have been tightened. Also, the payment processing service provider is not necessarily your bank. An account can be with one bank but the transaction routing can be through another bank," Hota said.


#4. Get Scary Good.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has geared up to launch Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), an interbank remittance processing service, across all the 56 regional rural banks (RRBs) by March 2016.


#5. Build in Virality.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

United Bank of India launches IMPS based cash remittance facility through Banking Correspondents (Bank Mitras) hand held device :-
It’s also expecting good response to its IMPS (immediate payment service) based cash remittance facility. The IMPS based cash remittance feature provides the convenience of transferring money to anyone anywhere in the country having an account with any bank. Bank Mitras engaged by UBI are empowered to undertake this service. This service can be availed by any person with or without an account with United Bank of India, the bank said, adding that the transfer will happen instantly and confirmation will be received via SMS. The facility is available 24/7. This service will benefit the migrant population who are prone to remit money through unreliable /informal sources, bank officials said.

#6. Protect the Brand.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

Training in payment systems
South Indian Bank, in association with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), organised Finspire, a training programme on the latest payment systems. NPCI is an umbrella institution for all the retail payments in the country. RuPay debit cards, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), Aadhar enabled payment system (AePs), and Cheque Truncation System (CTS) are a few among the payment offering systems. The programme was inaugurated by Vinod Manjila, Managing Director, Manjilas Foods. It was led by Anup Nayar, Vice-President & Head of Business Development, and Ramesh Vijayakumar, Senior Manager-Business Development of NPCI.

#7. Remain Indispensable.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

Overview of NPCI_IMPS @


#8. Always Give Back.

Encouraging tip for #2MillionIMPs:-

IMPS Is Five: Time To Tap Unrealized Potential
Yesterday, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) in India completed five years of its existence. It was on 22 November 2015 that National Payment Corporation of India had launched this real time money transfer service in association with some member banks.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#2MillionIMPS-The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Bank Customers

          Today’s post is influenced by Stephen Covey’s best-selling book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.
Habit No 1 :-  Be Proactive
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
a)     Complete the beneficiary registration process by 24/12/2015
b)    Finalise the list of beneficiaries by 24/12/2015
c)     Beneficiaries may require emails to identify the IMPS credits in their accounts. Keep the draft emails ready by 24/12/2015.

Habit No 2 :-  Begin With The End In Mind
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
a) Execute 3 Transactions from each Bank account you own
b) Motivate another 3 friends to execute 3 transactions from their bank accounts


Habit No 3 :-  Put First Things First
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
-          a) Complete your 3 IMPS transactions as early as possible, preferably within 60  minutes of getting up from your bed.
-          b) Start checking with your friends on their progress.
-          c) Summarise your contribution and share on social media.


Habit No 4 :-  Think Win-Win
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
-          a) The IMPS transactions are a stepping stone to a more successful Digital transactions journey.
-          b) The IMPS transactions executed by you are part of a bigger picture to showcase the benefits of Safe Digital Transactions in Bharat
-          c) The IMPS transactions executed by you are part of Reserve Bank of India ‘LessCash’, vision.


Habit No 5 :-  Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
-          a) Be familiar with your Bank’s IMPS Transactions channels.
-          b) Familiarise yourself with your friends Banks IMPS Transaction channels.
-          c) While initiating the request to your friend, for 3 IMPS transactions on 25/12/2015, do inform him/her available choices.

Habit No 6 :-  Synergize
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
-          a)  Finalise the list of friends in your ‘Circle of Influence’, by 24/12/2015
-          b) Assist your friends in spreading the word of #2MillionIMPS  in their ‘Circle of Influence’.
-          c) Keep a track of your friends transaction, keep on motivating to complete 3 IMPS transactions from their bank account.


Habit No 7 :-  Sharpen The Saw
-          Inspirational Tip for  #2MillionIMPS
-          a) The final #2MillionIMPS challenge will be on 09/01/2016
-          b) Aim for 5 IMPS transactions per bank account
-          c) Be ready for new sub NPCI_IMPS channels



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