Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zero 2 Hundred-NPCIs Instant Payment Service trajectory in India

          A major milestone in India’s eTransactions journey was crossed in July 2015 with the total number of banks at 100 on NPCIs IMPS channel.

          Yes, as on date 100 banks are part of this 100% ‘Made In India’, eTransactions mode.

          The benefits of IMPS are being enjoyed by a large populace spread across the nook and corner of our country.

          The chief advantage of IMPS is that transactions can happen around the clock, irrespective of holidays, with nil dependence on bank staff.

          The initial transactions will be a bit strange, as the funds move at the speed of light at any point of time.

          There are number of channels through which the bank customers can choose to transact through the IMPS mode.

          There are a number of products which can be tailored by Finance Industry participants to enhance the customer experience.

          The technology is robust enough to support extremely high volumes at all times.

          Banks and PPIs are constantly innovating to expand the user base.

          Only a fraction of the target populace has been touched by IMPS and in the coming years, IMPS will embrace new group of people into its fold.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

IMPS Card to scale up IMPS transactions 10 crs per month

          The transactions numbers of June and July 2015 is yet to be updated on the NPCI website. However, if past numbers are considered, the volumes are expected to show a sharp increase.

          The following are some disruptive strategies which can boost transactions volumes of IMPS.

No, the upper limit for individual transactions need not be increased. The primary key is to expand the foot print of the IMPS ecosystem.

On one hand Government is committed to eTransactions. At the same times, its flagship scheme i. e LPG Subsidy credit to bank accounts encourages cash transactions.

          Isn’t this a big contradiction? As the LPG subsidy is always directly credited to bank accounts, the gas consumers are already familiar with the banking channel. 

          This target audience does not require much motivation to migrate to eTransactions.

          Government departments channel the subsidy amounts to the respective beneficiaries, through NPCI. 

          On an average, NPCI undertakes around 3.5 million transfers through the platform every day, out of which most are LPG transfers.

Under the Pahal scheme of LPG subsidy, 139.1 million beneficiaries have received Rs.23,476.60 crore in their bank accounts since the scheme was relaunched. This translates the same amount of cash pushed into the economy.

As the LPG cylinder amount is below INR1000/-, banks end up large numbers of small denomination notes. The overall processing time of these large volumes is huge, both at the banks end as well the LPG dealers end.

This pool of beneficiaries is a low-picking fruit to be pushed towards eTransactions.

Introduce ‘IMPS Card’:

a)     An exclusive physical card

b)    Credits and debits through IMPS channel

c)     Debit upper limit of INR2000/-

d)    Contactless 

e)    No Pin. Only swipe and pay

f)     Linkages to bank accounts

g)    Linkages to eWallets

h)    Centralised clearing house to reduce transaction costs

i)      Centralised fraud monitoring system for robust monitoring mechanism

j)     No cash withdrawals

k)    Merchants can run common incentive programs

l)      Merchants can run exclusive incentive/referral programs
Based on feedback, will elaborate further


Friday, August 14, 2015

Don’t take your organs to heaven; God knows we need them on this earth

          13th August of every year is celebrated as World Organ Donation Day.
The latest statistics about Organ Donors in India:
Andhra Pradesh (2015)                  237
Delhi-NCR (2014)                65
Kerala (2015)                      101
Tamil Nadu (2015)              509

          Green Corridors in India are playing a very important role in the success rate of Organ Transplants.

          In layman terms, Green Corridors means – All signals between two destinations are Green and Police assist for movement of the Vehicle transporting human organs in the shortest possible time.

          As the respective agencies associated with Organ Donation gain confidence, the number of ‘Green Corridors’, activated in India are on the increase.

          The publicity provided by media channels also ensure that the public are aware of their responsibilities as and when a ‘Green Corridor’, is activated in their vicnity.

          ‘Green Corridors’, also act as a positive tool to spread the Joy of Safe Organ Donation in the community.

          The main inhibiting factor for the low rate of Organ Donations is a mixture of religious beliefs and low awareness.

          A large number of organizations backed by dedicated individuals are doing their bit to increase the awareness levels about Safe Organ Donation.
          There is a long way to go before the benefits of Organ Donation reach a large number of Indians.
          As the awareness increases, there will be demand on the government authorities to improve the infrastructure to ensure safe and quick movement of Human Organs.

          Majority of the roads in our cities need drastic improvement to make them ‘Ambulance friendly’.

          The primary challenge faced by the Ambulance Drivers is the road condition. As the prime objective of ‘Green Corridor’, is to ensure NIL traffic for the Ambulances to travel in high speeds, the road should be crater free.

          Read this article for to know about the feelings of the Ambulance Driver transporting a live Human Heart.

Friday, August 7, 2015

202nd Edition of Bengaluru’s LalBagh Flower Show-Online Booking preferred

          The preparations for the famed Lalbagh flower show were going on for the last couple of months.
          After intense behind the back arrangements, the show was thrown open to the public on 7th August 2015.
          This time the focus is on the grandeur of Mysore Maharajah’s.

          The show will be kept open till 16th August, 2105. Maximum footfalls are expected during the weekend.

          10 lac+ visitors are expected to throng the 202nd Edition of Bengaluru’s LalBagh Flower Show.

          The best time would be to reach Lalbagh by 8.30am on working days and savour slowly the wondrous flower displays.

          To satiate your hunger pangs, fresh fruits and juices will be available in plenty.

          As usual there will be entrance fees to be shelled out. In case you wish to avoid the ticket booking queues, opt for Online Booking @

          No, the tickets are not available through any Mobile App or eWallet site.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Spread the Joy of Safe Organ Donation

          This attempt to contribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ s #PM #IndependenceDay speech is inspired by this heart moving news article:

Interview with Tina Ambani @

In a first in Kerala, Naval aircraft turns into air ambulance to transport heart quoted from IBNLive @

India’s heart is in right place quoted from The Hindu @

8 km in 8 minutes: Cops create green corridor for ambulance quoted from Business Standard @

How to be an Organ Donor quoted from Bangalore Citizen Matters @

A word about Organ Donation in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  #15 thAugust speech would be of immense help to this noble act being done by our country men and women.


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